Unique and Memorable...

We provide the perfect venue; you fill it with the food, music and people you love. Libations desired? You get to bring exactly what you want served, and our experienced bartenders can make you some fantastic Bad Apple cocktails!

A Little Celebration

Our four hour rental is perfect for business meetings/ events, bridal showers, birthday celebrations, or private dinner parties. 

Sunday - Thursday: $1000

Friday (available for rehearsal dinners for Saturday weddings): $1200

A Really Big Deal

Our nine hour rental is perfect for wedding receptions and special anniversary events.

Saturday: $3200

Sunday: $2000

Reception AND wedding/ vow-renewal ceremony? Yep, we've got you. We add additional time to the day-of (with spaces for the bridal party to get ready and relax) as well as rehearsal time the day before (for Saturday weddings) or the day-of (for Sunday weddings). Pricing  ($400-$800) varies depending on day.

(We also have some pretty special spots we can recommend if you prefer your ceremony off-site.)

The Bar

We are happy to set up for and serve beer, wine and cocktails at your event. You supply the alcohol for your open bar, and we take care of the rest. For cocktails, we'll share our cocktail menus with you and discuss options. We  make the syrups and fresh squeeze the juices for you; you just bring the spirits.

Pricing ($200-$650) varies depending on the size of your party and duration of yourevent.

Special touches make a difference...

Fun spaces allow your guests to move and mingle without straying too far.

  • Our covered entry is perfect for enjoying outside views and photo opportunities during cocktail hour, or anytime throughout the evening (especially at sunset).
  • Our lobby hosts  a lift to the main area for guests with mobility concerns, as well as two very large restrooms (complete with freshly laundered individual hand towels).
  • Our main floor, with hardwood floors, chandeliers, separate bar area, restaurant quality tables , and supremely comfortable chairs is perfect for dining, dancing and relaxing.
  • Our loft, overlooking the main floor, provides guests with an opportunity to escape the crowd while not missing the party below.

A private dressing room, off the main lobby on the first floor, provides space to gather, unwind, and prepare for your event. This space also includes an ice chest to cool beverages and shelves to hang gowns and store belongings.

Newly dubbed the "groom's loft," our 3rd floor loft, overlooking the main dining area and directly above the bar, provides a comfortable area to relax and enjoy a drink while preparing for the day's activities. It's also open to guests during the event, as a cocktail lounge.

First impressions matter! Our first floor entry includes the main lobby, two very large, accessible restrooms, and a lift to the second floor (dining and bar). The lobby leads out to our covered patio and parking area, allowing guests easy access to the outdoors, which can be enjoyed from the patio even if the weather isn't cooperative.

Our bar, located on the main (second floor) dining level, is fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to make your guests some fantastic cocktails. 

Room for dining ANDa dance floor? Of course! Though we can technically accommodate a larger group, we cap our guest list at 70 people so we can provide ample space for everyone. Comfort is key.

Ceremony options...

Our large stained glass window provides a pretty great backdrop for your vows. And our comfy chairs ensure that your guests don't get antsy and shifty if you're running a few minutes behind. The fact that we're indoor means not having to stress about the weather; however, if you have your heart set on an outdoor ceremony, we know exactly the place...Check out our wedding partner, Lilly Valley Inn, a beautiful bed and breakfast just 12 miles from us with some of the best views of the New River and surrounding mountains. AND they provide some seriously gorgeous, upscale lodging for you and your guests. Consider their lovely overnight accommodations, a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and a short ride to us for an evening your guests won't soon forget.

Morning and mid-day wedding ceremonies are trending... Consider a daytime ceremony at the Inn, which allows for a short break during the day for your guests to rest up before meeting you at The Bad Apple for your reception and party. The benefits?

  • You and your photographers aren't rushed for photos.
  • You get to attend your own cocktail hour! 
  • You get more time with all of your guests - they're here for you, after all.
  • Your guests can break up their day a bit to explore the area or even take a nap and freshen up for the evening's festivities.

Click HERE for more about Lilly Valley


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